MVCA 2018 Up-and-Coming Company Nominees

What excites me most about the startup ecosystem in Michigan right now is the momentum that we are building.  Not only does 2018 represent a significant milestone with Duo Security’s $2.35B exit, but we are also seeing an increasing number of exciting new companies that are being built in Michigan focused on disrupting very large and…

A2 New Tech Meetup

Plugging into the Ann Arbor Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Lately the frequency of people who contact me asking about how to get plugged into the Ann Arbor Entrepreneurial Ecosystem is growing.  10 Years ago when I moved from the California high tech scene back to Michigan it was me who was asking people how to get connected… I’m hoping to return the favor by sharing this…

EnGen Awards MPowered $2,500

Attended EnGen Student Entrepreneurship Summit in Michigan at Lansing today. Great event, multiple student organizations from universities and colleges around Michigan received awards of $2,500. Congratulations MPowered!-Doug Mobile Blogging from here. [Posted with iBlogger from my iPhone]