Plugging into the Ann Arbor Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Lately the frequency of people who contact me asking about how to get plugged into the Ann Arbor Entrepreneurial Ecosystem is growing.  10 Years ago when I moved from the California high tech scene back to Michigan it was me who was asking people how to get connected… I’m hoping to return the favor by sharing this list of ecosystem entry points:


A2 New Tech – This is one of the most efficient way to get involved.  There are monthly meet ups at the UM Law School where about 200 people show up consistently.

Ann Arbor SPARK – This economic development organization spends a lot of time and effort engaging the entrepreneurial ecosystem and provides services, space, assistance in finding capital and entrepreneurial events.

University of Michigan Entrepreneurial Ecosystem – 10 years ago the ZLI at UM was the only entrepreneurship center on campus — now there are entrepreneurship centers and programs in almost every college at UM plus multiple student entrepreneurial programs and an active tech transfer program all have multiple events and activities to get involved with.

Michigan Venture Capital Association – The MVCA puts on events through out the year.  Most of them are for members only but sometimes they are open.  Regardless its a great list of the investment community in Michigan and is located in Ann Arbor.

Coffee House Coders – If you love to code, check these guys out.


TechArb – Univeristy of Michigan Student Startup Accelerator

Desai Accelerator – Univeristy of Michigan – Open to students and non-students

Coolhouse Labs Ann Arbor Edition – Coming soon, stay tuned and keep an eye out for there launch

If you want me to list your Ann Arbor entrepreneurial ecosystem entry point please send me a note and I’ll update this blog to include it.

I hope you find a way to get involved – lot’s of exciting things happening in A2!



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