Is Ann Arbor Ready?

Trying to get a fire lit when you are camping is sometimes a struggle.

Sure, everyone has their 2 cents on how to stack the wood, prime the fire and light a match but ultimately we never know if the fire is going to stay lit, blow out or burn out too fast.

Ann Arbor’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is like a recently lit campire… its starting to catch in a couple places and we’ve all done our best to arrange the wood, fuel and ignition in the right place but will it really catch fire and rage?

There are a lot of reasons for optimism…  Over the last two years we’ve seen a lot more startups get funded and move into the “company building” stage.  That’s good.  We’re also seeing entrepreneurs who have had some success (and failures) return to A2 and contemplate their next steps (you know who you are).

Four startups that have been in our UM Startup Accelerator (TechArb) are really starting to catch fire:  Are You A Human, Shepherd Intelligent Systems, Mobiata and most recently, Own!

Own recently announced they are moving to Silicon Valley to grow their company.  Are some people disappointed by that, yes.  I would much rather see them stay in Ann Arbor as well.

Regardless, its important that we continue to support Verdi, Erol, Rajeev and the rest of the team.  What they are trying to do is really really hard.

We’ll continue to do our best to keep the fire growing and I know the Own team and the rest of the A2 startups will keep fanning the fire.

Is Ann Arbor’s entrepreneurial ecosystem ready?  Is the critical mass of energy and heat there to sustain a raging ecosystem?  What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Is Ann Arbor Ready?

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