(2030) Order edited or modified

“(2030) Order edited or modified” is the latest status on my Chevy Volt order when I checked today… and I’m thrilled!

It’s been two weeks since the last change to my Volt order (originally placed on 8/25/2011) and I was craving some update as to the status of my future car… incidentally, the update on 9/14/2011 was also the 2030 text.

Could this mean they are about to allocate my dealer a set of orders?  Is my volt about to start heading down the assembly line?  Will I have my car by November as the dealer predicted?

Honestly?  I don’t have a clue.  But that isn’t the point.

The point is that despite all the negative articles about GM and the confusion over whether the volt is truly a hybrid or some marketing hype machine to save a failing company there is a growing number of people that are completely geeked over their future volts…. Its reminiscent of stories from a couple years ago when people stood in line all night to buy their first  iPhone or iPad (yes I know, the volt is slightly more expensive).

These articles are all predicting doom and gloom and are the equivalent of being told as an entrepreneur that your “idea won’t work!”.

Nothing (and I mean nothing) motivates an entrepreneur more than telling them “it can’t be done!”

As entrepreneurs, over time we develop a sense as to spotting trends and opportunities from chaos.   For  a while, I thought I was the only one checking their daily volt order status… then I found this article and I realize I’m not alone.  There are a bunch of us checking the status of our cars on a daily basis and all of us are thrilled to get just one more “2030” update telling us we are just a step closer to the car that will change our lives!

Chevy, you better be picking up on this data… the entrepreneurs are sensing a huge opportunity here in front of you!


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