Why Neo is an Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, you look at life through a different lens.  Instead of seeing the world as it is, you tend to start seeing the world as it “should be” or “could be”.

Instead of taking things on face value you tend to stop and question how they came into being and why and who did all the work and what might have gone wrong before getting to this point.

Red pill and blue pill from the movie the MatrixThis aspect of entrepreneurship reminds me of the scene from the movie the Matrix and when Morpheus presented Neo with two choices.

The “blue pill” is what most people might choose if they are comfortable in being part of an existing organization and not interested in changing the world or starting new ventures.

The “red pill” enables you to see behind the scenes and enter the mode of always searching for business models and understanding and always questioning how things are and what else they can be.

After taking the red pill Neo experiences an awakening about how the world truly is and what is wrong with it.  His passion, tenacity and creativity in solving the problems and pursuing his vision reminds me of entrepreneurs struggling to find solutions to their own problems in their startups.

As an entrepreneur, give up all hope… you have just taken the “red pill”… let’s see how deep the rabbit hole goes! 🙂



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