SAIC CEO and Mary Ann Beyster live Entrepreneurial Ownership – by Doug Neal

Today, Walt Haverstein, the CEO of SAIC co-lectured at University of Michigan’s Entrepreneurial Ownership course (ENGR 490.005).

Walt shared the duty and case study review with Mary Ann Beyster, President of the Foundation for Enterprise Development and the daughter of SAIC’s founder, Dr. Beyster.

This was a great opportunity for our students to see how Impact Driven Entrepreneurship can thrive at large technology companies just as it can at startups.

Bill Hall, lead instructor for the course along with Moses Lee, led the class through two case study reviews of SAIC and the students had a chance to pose their own theories of next steps to Walt for consideration.

How often do you get to pitch the CEO of a Fortune 100 company how to improve his company?  Priceless!

Thanks Bill, Moses and especially Walt and Mary Ann!


Mary Ann Beyster, Walt Haverstein, Aileen Huang-Saad and Bill Hall


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